Ivy Curtain

Inspired by ivy plant, which grows towards light and covers surfaces in a manner that maximizes photosynthesis, I built this Processing/Java program that “grows” a curtain pattern over a photo. A digital photo of window is loaded by the software, and a virtual plant grows in reaction to the local exposure level of the photo.

Virtual ivy grows on a photo of window
Virtual ivy grows on a photo of window

By adjusting the growth parameters, users customize a one-of-a-kind curtain pattern that corresponds to the view. Once user is satisfied with their creation, the pattern is exported as a vector image, and laser cut on fabric.

Parametrically generated  textures
Parametrically generated textures

Developed in Processing, an opensource visually-oriented variant of Java.

Shimmering Smartwatches

Point, an analog watch with smart notifications

Exploring Smartwatch design space through making.


MOTOACTV and integral web portal

Fitness tracker and music player by Motorola Mobility.


The open-source CNC platform for DIY community.

Tactile Display for the Visually Impaired

A blind user tries out the tactile display during the interview.

A TeslaTouch tactile interface designed for visually impaired people.


Visual material created for various clients.


A fun interactive wire sculpting device that bends wire forms based on sound input.

Alice in Wonderland

Poster with details

2D and 3D visualization of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

Ivy Curtain

Virtual ivy grows on a photo of window

A Java program that grows a virtual plant towards light on a photo. The generated pattern is laser cut on fabric.


A workshop on complex structure that emerges from simple rules

Formula Hybrid

Bulldogs Racing Car hits the ground!

Racingcar build by Bulldogs Racing Team, Yale University


Clock Hands

A “clock” that indicates where people are.

A Duet for Bicycle

Tandem bicycles that interactively generate musical sound


A collection of kinetic sculpture pieces